About Monique Belier


Monique Belier (1971) is a dutch author & photographer based in Grootebroek. She is currently studying at the “Fotoacademie” in Amsterdam. Monique used to be a dance teacher, choreographer and run her own studio for over 17 years. When she got burned out in 2017 she started writing and photographing to unleash her creativity. She always loved to write, and photography was something she did frequently. In 2018, she started a pre-education at the Fotoacademie, and she published her first short story in a book collection of stories. In that same year she decided not to return to her dance studio, but to start a study to become a professional photographer. As a choreographer and a dancer she is used to telling stories from raw emotions and that shines true in her work as a photographer. She loves natural light, and she will try to capture that same storytelling aspect into her photography.



Photography: ‘Tenachon’ (June 2019) ‘Sterke Vrouw’ Seven Portraits

Writing: Godijn Publishing (December 2018) Short Story ‘Ben’ Godijn Publishing (August 2019) Short story ‘The Hike’

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